Jeffery L. Standen
Jeffery L. StandenPresident
Graduated from the University of Alberta in 1976 with a B.A. degree (Economics, Political Science).

Kinghorn’s principal, Jeffrey (Jeff) Standen has in excess of 40 years experience of resource and government (domestic and international) deal making and negotiations. Resource companies that Mr. Standen has assisted in or founded, structured, financed and taken public during his career include: Spirit Energy Corporation, Targa Resource Corp., Triple “8” Energy Ltd., Canadian Leader Energy Ltd. (Centurion Energy International), Charger Energy Inc., Extreme Energy Corporation, Arapahoe Energy Corporation (Canadian Phoenix Resources Ltd.), Encanto Potash Corp., Sundance Energy Corporation (Vital Energy Inc.)

Some of my highlights

  • A Petroleum Landman with over 40 years of domestic and international industry experience. An active member of the CAPL since 1978.
  • Mr. Standen began his career as a Petroleum Landman with Pan Canadian Petroleum Limited in 1977 and then as Area Landman with Canada-Cities Service, Ltd. in 1978.
  • In 1979 Mr. Standen was recruited to be Land Manager and one of the first employees at Renaissance Resources Ltd. (TSE). Mr. Standen’s responsibilities increased from being in charge of all land deals and negotiations for the company in Canada and the United States to setting up an staffing several offices in the U.S.
  • Mr. Standen left Renaissance in 1981 and co-founded and financed Spirit Energy Corporation (ASE) where he was Vice President and Director until 1984.
  • From 1984 to 1993 was held various senior consulting executive land positions with several junior energy companies including Camrex Resources Ltd. (ASE), Targa Resource Corp. (ASE), and Triple “8” Energy Ltd. (ASE).
  • In 1993 Mr. Standen, as founder established and financed the junior energy company Canadian Leader Energy Ltd. Mr. Standen served as President was also the Land Manager. Canadian Leader saw its production increase to almost 2,000 BOE’s day in 1995 and was listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSE”). In the process Canadian Leader amalgamated with two other public energy companies. The amalgamated company sold all of its Canadian production and purchased 50% of all of Marathon Oil Corporation’s producing, non-producing, land and infrastructure in Tunisia and Egypt, North Africa. Canadian Leader merged with the other 50% interest owner of the North African assets and became Centurion Energy International (TSE) . In the process Mr. Standen conducted the highest level negotiations with a major international oil company as well as with the highest levels of government with 2 north African countries. Mr. Standen remained with Centurion as a Director until November 1998. Centurion was eventually bought by Dana Gas Corporation for over $1.5BB. Mr. Standen handled and conducted all of the negotiations involved in the entire process from 1993 until 1998.
  • In 1998, Mr. Standen founded and financed Extreme Energy Corporation (ASE). The shareholders of Extreme saw the company quickly taken over and was eventually purchased by Penn West Trust, primarily for the Peace River area assets owned by Extreme.
  • In November 2004 Mr. Standen founded and financed Arapahoe Energy Corporation (ASE). Arapahoe was a First Nation explorer with operations on the Tsuu T’ina First Nation immediately west of Calgary, Alberta. Arapahoe amalgamated with Banks Energy Ltd. (ASE), another public junior First Nation exploration company with operations on the Poundmaker First Nation. The combined entity was reorganized changing its name to Canadian Phoenix Energy Ltd. (TSXV).
  • High level negotiations with IOGC, INAC, Chief and Councils resulting in a new and proprietary way of constructing agreements and dealing with First Nations.
  • In 2008 Mr. Standen utilized his First Nations experience and founded and financed Encanto Potash Corp. (TSXV). Encanto is a First Nations Potash explorer with key potash rights in the heart of the Saskatchewan potash belt, primarily on The Muskowekwan First Nation. In the process Mr. Standen was involved with high level negotiations with INAC, provincial and federal government agencies and numerous First Nations and Chief and Councils in Saskatchewan and Ottawa. Encanto hopes to be the first company to construct and operate a potash mine(s) on First Nation lands in Canada.
  • In 2010 Mr. Standen founded and finaced Sundance Energy Corporation TSXV) and served as Land Manager. Sundance was a First Nation Explorer in western Canada. Sundance was active in exploring and drilling for oil and gas on the Ochapowace, Muskowekwan, Moosomin and Alexander First Nations.
  • In 2014 Mr. Standen raised an additional private equity funding from China and amalgamated Sundance with a private oil and gas production company. The resultant company became Vital Energy Inc. (TSXV) Mr. Standen is currently a director of Vital Energy Inc.

Negotiations  – Provincial and Federal Governments , Financial institutions, First Nations, IOGC,   INAC,       International (North Africa, China, South America).

Financing -Private and public markets both domestic and international.

Management – Director, Senior Executive, petroleum land management of numerous private and public oil and gas and resource companies.

Corporate Governance   -Skills developed by being a Director of numerous public companies and as a member of numerous audit, compensation and reserves committees.